Lantmännen develops winter hardy, high yielding and healthy varieties with good nitrogen efficiency for the Northern European markets. We also have Tilletia resistant varieties, developed mainly for the organic market.

Breeding of winter wheat varieties for cultivation areas in North and Central Europe is based in Svalöv, Sweden. These varieties have to produce a very high yield and a quality suitable for both milling, feed and ethanol production.

In general, falling numbers, protein content and protein quality are the most important selection criteria for bread wheat varieties. The varieties should also give high exchange in the mill and a high-quality flour. For wheat varieties destined to be turned into ethanol or feed, a high starch yield is sought after in combination with good resistance properties.

The farmers and the industry appreciate BRONS in Sweden, SW MAGNIFIK in the Nordic and the Baltics, CEYLON in Finland, Sweden and the Baltics. EFFEKT in the Baltics. HALLFREDA is our new promising milling wheat variety for the northern European markets.

Our varieties are well suited for cultivation in the regions below: