Lantmännen develops strong, high-yielding milling and feed spring wheat varieties with excellent gluten quality and a high flour yield. 

Spring wheat is bred mainly for milling purposes where supreme quality is required by the industry. The variety need to work well when baking and give a high exchange in the mill. The flour should have a number of characteristics such as certain water absorption, nice crust characteristics, right kneading properties and ensure rise to a certain height. Besides quality properties, the program aims to deliver varieties with a high yield, good straw strength and good resistance to disease.

The Spring wheat program is based in Svalöv, Sweden, and aims to develop spring wheat varieties to be cultivated in Scandinavia, in the Baltic Sea region, and central Europe but the material is suitable also in other regions.

We have great success with varieties such as FLIPPEN, DISKETT and DACKE for Nordic and Baltic countries, and JACK and NOBLESS for German market.

Our varieties are well suited for cultivation in the regions below: