Lantmännen develops high yielding hybrids and conventional varieties with good oil quality.

The spring rape program is situated in the south of Sweden at our breeding station in Svalöv. The varieties are suitable for the Nordic countries and the Baltics. But we also have a cooperation with a Canadian company using our genetics. When breeding spring rape we produce varieties through hybrid cultivation and trough open-pollinating conventional combination breeding as well.

A high yield of both seed and oil, as well as good oil quality, are important breeding concerns for spring rape. The oil may also have different types of fatty acid composition, suitable for various usage. As far as agronomic qualities are concerned, good stalk strength and early maturity are important. There are varieties that ripen at different times, suitable for different cultivation regions.

Among the hybrids we have appreciated varieties such as MAJONG, PILANI and XX?? for the Nordic market. For conventional varieties like RASMA, MOSAIK and FERGUS have great success in many countries.