Lantmännen develops robust and high-yielding, top quality milling and feed oats for Northern Europe and the international markets.

Our oat breeding program produces varieties with high milling quality, varieties with high content of betaglucane as well as varieties with high feed value. Main markets are the Nordic countries, Canada, the Baltic States and Germany. Breeding takes place at our breeding station in Svalöv.

When breeding varieties suitable for milling the focus are varieties with high kernel content and easy de-hull. As a part of our breeding we’re also trying to identify varieties that are less likely to absorb heavy metals, mainly cadmium. Important agronomic qualities are high yield, disease resistance and good straw strength

When breeding for resistance, we work mainly to produce varieties that are resistance to nematodes, mildew, crown rust and black rust. Resistance to crown rust and black rust is an important consideration for the Canadian market, while the European market is more in need of varieties resistant to mildew. In some areas in Europe, resistance to crown rust is also a very valuable quality.

The farmers and the industry appreciate our varieties CS CAMDEN, KARA and AKINA in Canada, BELINDA in northern Europe, GALANT and GULD in northern Europe and the Baltics, MONTROSE in the United Kingdom and the Baltics and BARRA in Ireland. Our varieties and special qualities (high betaglucan, high fat content) are widely used for functional food, breakfast cereals and animal feed like KRAFFT horse nutrition.

Our varieties are well suited for cultivation in the regions below: