Lantmännen develops high yielding winter triticale varieties that are extremely robust with high disease resistance for western, central and northern Europe.

We breed winter triticale at the Lantmännen breeding station in Emmeloord in the Netherlands, and this takes place with an eye on the markets in western, central and northern Europe. We have trials in many locations in the target markets. Fast development of good performing varieties have resulted in triticale as one of our most successful crops.

Apart from high yield and good quality, triticale breeding aims to achieve high reliable growth in the form of excellent hardiness, good straw properties and excellent resistance to disease and sprouting.

Farmers have appreciated our varieties such as, KAULOS, KWS FIDO and LUMACO in France, LOMBARDO and LUMACO in Germany, TEMUCO in Northern Europe and the Baltics, EMPERO in New Zealand and northern Europe.

Our varieties are well suited for cultivation in the regions below: